Anna Wintour: Vogue Magazine's Editor-In-Chief and Fashion Icon, Kate Kastelein
Kate Kastelein

Anna Wintour: Vogue Magazine's Editor-In-Chief and Fashion Icon

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The paparazzi follow her around, hoping to catch a glimpse of her smiling. What she wears makes the style section of New York Times every time she goes out. She dines with celebrities, gets the best seats at sporting events, and is invited to all the best parties. Am I talking about the next Hollywood “It” girl? Not at all. I’m talking about Anna Wintour, the 62-year-old Editor of Vogue.

Wintour, who has been the Editor of Vogue for the past 23 years, has somewhat unprecedented fame for a magazine editor. She is undoubtedly the inspiration for the maniacal editor Miranda Priestly in “The Devil Wears Prada,” as well as the focus of the 2007 documentary “The September Issue” which studies the making of Vogue’s largest issue ever.

Credited with being the most powerful woman in fashion, Wintour’s decisions on the editorial content of Vogue can set the trends and tone of fashion for months to come. Designers clamor to show her their collections, while simultaneously admitting to being afraid of her.


Kate Kastelein has over 10 years of experience writing, researching and editing articles, eNewsletters, web content, press releases, and resource books. She's a huge nerd, and is interested in everything from science and the latest technology to crafts, food and celebrity gossip. Kate's a native Mainer, and when she's not shoveling snow or writing, she's huddled near the fire with her daughter, husband, and dogs.


Dubbed “Nuclear Wintour” when she took over as Editor of British Vogue, many of her close friends and co-workers quickly come to her defense and say that though she is a decisive, firm boss, she certainly isn’t the monster she’s made out to be. In watching interviews with her on 60 minutes, Barbara Walters, and Forbes, it’s hard to believe the petite, soft spoken woman, who seems shy and nervous on camera is supposed to be the brutal boss depicted by Meryl Streep in “The Devil Wears Prada.”

Background & Upbringing

On November 3, 1949, Charles Wintour, Editor of the London Evening Standard and Eleanor Trego Baker, a Harvard Law Professor, welcomed their first daughter, Anna into the world. Charles and Eleanor would have four more children before their divorce in 1979…

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