Elle Kennedy

Soldier Under Siege

A single mother and a special ops captain are united by revenge in the New York Times–bestselling author’s military romance series debut.
Eva Dolce would stop at nothing to save her son—even if it takes murdering Hector Cruz, the most fearsome man in San Marquez. But she can’t do it alone. Enter special ops captain Robert Tate, a man who’s seen too much. Ruthless and taciturn, Tate couldn’t be more different from Eva. But they have one thing in common: revenge.
Tate saw his brother die by Cruz’s hand. And if Eva is his only way to Hector, then so be it. But the combustible chemistry sizzling between them is even more dangerous than their formidable enemies. And Eva’s face, beautiful as it is, masks the truth about her past and her child. Can Tate forgive her lies . . . or will her secrets leave them both dead?
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