Michael Mallory

Kill the Mother!

Even by Hollywood standards, Nora Frost is the stage mother from Hell. Her futile drive to turn her talentless twin sons into child superstars has left figurative bodies strewn throughout Los Angeles. But after Nora hires hapless young private detective Dave Beauchamp to investigate a letter threatening the brothers, the body count begins to mount. It's up to Dave (a recovering lawyer and serious movie buff) to discover why people connected to Nora's crusade are turning up dead, and why someone has kidnapped the twins. The real question, though, is whether Dave is up to the job, even with the unsolicited “advice” he constantly receives from the old-time movie stars sounding off in his head! KILL THE MOTHER! is a laugh-out-loud mystery adventure that spotlights some of the wackier corners of Hollywood, as seen through the eyes of a new, unique P.I., whose motto is: «If you can’t be insane in L.A., where can you?”
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