Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice, Abigail Reynolds
Abigail Reynolds

Man Who Loved Pride and Prejudice

A modern love story with a Jane Austen twist…Marine biologist Cassie Boulton likes her coffee with cream and her literature with happy endings. Her favorite book is Pride and Prejudice, but Cassie has no patience when a modern-day Mr. Darcy appears in her lab. Silent and aloof, Calder Westing III doesn't seem to offer anything but a famous family name. But there is more to Calder than meets the eye, and he can't get enough of Cassie Boulton. Especially after one passionate night by the sea. But Cassie keeps her distance. Frustrated by Cassie's evasions, Calder tells her about his feelings the only way she'll let him-by rewriting her favorite book, with the two of them in the roles of Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth Bennet. It's up to Cassie to supply the ending…Praise for The Man Who Loved Pride & Prejudice: "e;This is the liveliest romp through an established tale you'll find on the romance shelves!"e; -Best Romance Stories "e;Smart characters, lovely setting, excellent dialogue and rocking fine writing make this juicy romance a winner."e; -Bookfoolery and Babble "e;One of the best examples of the modern P & P story."e; -Queen of Happy Endings
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