All Night Long (The Heart of the City Series, Book 3), Candace Schuler
Candace Schuler

All Night Long (The Heart of the City Series, Book 3)

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Susannah Bennett runs a dating service for senior citizens. Matt Ryan is desperate to get his widowed mother out of his hair. It's a match made in heaven—until Susannah's dating service comes under investigation as a front for prostitution.

As an ambitious lawyer with political aspirations, Matt knows he should back away and let Susannah sink or swim on her own. But how can he stay away when all he can think about is being with her all night long?

Previously titled: Personal Touch


«Good story—funny and romantic. The plot is a real grabber and the ending… you won't want to miss.» ~Rendezvous

“Candace Schuler wins our hearts with… a pair of delightfully appealing lovers.” ~Romantic Times Magazine

HEART IN THE CITY, in series order
One Night With You The Night Remembers
All Night Long
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