Charlene Sands,Barbara Dunlop

His Convenient Virgin Bride / Seduction on the CEO’s Terms

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{"strong"=>["His Convenient Virgin Bride"]}
He never imagined the incredible beauty would be a virgin! Yet just weeks after their roll in the hay, Stephanie Ryder was expecting his baby. Now millionaire Alec Creighton’s proposed and with the ceremony imminent, would he wheel and deal his way out of it? Knowing the delights his bride offered, would having her in his bed be a pleasure he would afford?
{"strong"=>["Seduction on the CEO’s Terms "]}
CEO Joe Carlino had returned to Napa Valley to help run the family winery; he’d made the mistake of indulging in an office romance before, and even beautiful Ali Pendrake didn’t tempt him to try again. Frustrated that her boss was judging her solely by her looks, Ali went for a total reverse makeover. Ironically, when she transformed from glittery Cinderella to mousey plain-Jane, she really caught the wealthy bachelor’s eye.
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