Jack Higgins

A Prayer for the Dying

An IRA hit man is on the run and out for redemption in this novel from the New York Times–bestselling author of The Eagle Has Landed and Dark Justice.
Martin Fallon has more blood on his hands than any man has a right to. And once upon a time he had no problem with that, killing for his IRA brethren without remorse or regret. But when a mistake leads to the explosion of a school bus full of children, Fallon flees to London to hide with his guilt.
His seclusion is broken when he agrees to make one last killing on behalf of the criminal Meehan brothers—and that may be his greatest mistake. For the hit is witnessed by a priest—and now the Meehans want him dead, too.
But Fallon has had enough innocent blood.
In a desperate struggle for his soul, Fallon must protect the clergyman while fighting not only the ruthless Meehans but also his former IRA comrades who have decided that Fallon himself needs to be silenced.
For decades, Jack Higgins has delivered edge-of-the-seat thrills for millions of fans all over the world, and has truly earned his status as “the master” of international action and intrigue (Tom Clancy).
A Prayer for the Dying is the 2nd book in the Martin Fallon Novels, but you may enjoy reading the series in any order.
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    Since the beginning of history men had come here for one purpose or another, Roman, Saxon, Dane, Norman, but now it was a place of ghosts.
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    When he tried the office it was empty and then Rupert appeared, having noticed him arrive through the glass door of the flower shop.
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    ‘You said, if I got it right from Fitzgerald, that he was down on his right knee at the edge of the grave.’

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