The Spirit of Japan, Rabindranath Tagore
Rabindranath Tagore

The Spirit of Japan



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Anna K
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Modernism is not in the dress of the Europeans; or in the hideous structures, where their children are interned when they take their lessons; or in the square houses with flat straight wall-surfaces, pierced with parallel lines of windows, where these people are caged in their lifetime; certainly modernism is not in their ladies' bonnets, carrying on them loads of incongruities. These are not modern, but merely European. True modernism is freedom of mind, not slavery of taste.
Diego Iván
Diego Ivánje citiraoпрошле године
only shows, that I am looking on the picture side of the canvas, and they on the blank side.
Vanshika Saraf
Vanshika Sarafje citiralaпрошле године
True modernism is freedom of mind, not slavery of taste.

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