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Scott Ingram

Sales Success Stories

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In the first of its kind, this book features real stories of success and failure exclusively from quota carrying sales professionals who were either #1 or at least in the top 1% of sellers at their respective companies. Every contributor has been featured on Scott Ingram’s Sales Success Stories Podcast.

Read about how they manage their mindset to get to and stay at the top. Learn how they develop relationships that allow them to win again and again. Benefit from their insights on how they’ve successfully navigated their sales careers. The book wouldn’t be complete without a deep dive into their sales processes from prospecting and discovery to territory and deal management.

These stories are relevant for anybody in sales, but especially for those in B2B sales from startup sellers to seasoned enterprise sales professionals

Contributors include:
AJ Brasel, Clover Imaging
Camille Clemons, SGG Group
David Weiss, ADP
Dayna Leaman, Wiley
Debe Rapson, Sprinklr
DeJuan Brown, Bloomberg BNA
Florin Tatulea, Loopio
George Penyak, Restaurant Technologies
Jacquelyn Nicholson, Percolate
Jelle den Dunnen, Bullhorn
John Hinkson, Dan Cummins Chevrolet
Justin Bridgemohan, Total Expert
Kevin Walkup, SalesLoft
Kyle Gutzler, Teradata
Mike Dudgeon, LinkedIn
Paul DiVincenzo, Cintas
Phil Terrill, Microsoft
Trey Simonton, Accruent
Trong Nguyen, ServiceNow
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