Douglas Kruger

Poverty Proof

Why is it that some people work hard, yet remain poor? How is it that others seem to rise out of poverty and become affluent in a short span of time? If you want to know how to become rich relatively quickly, and avoid spending years working back-breakingly hard without ever breaking even, then read on. The answers to escaping poverty and becoming wealthy are actually well known and based on a number of powerful principles that have been tested by time and replicated in different countries, by families and individuals who have become astonishingly rich. So, what are these ideas that genuinely lift people out of poverty and ensure their personal wealth? Here are 50. They all work. They will make you richer. They remove the emotion, the politics and the clutter from our thoughts about wealth, and they go straight to the heart of one simple issue: what it genuinely takes to become rich. Prepare to train your brain for wealth. Prepare to become ‘poverty proof’ for life,
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    Becoming the celebrity of your industry is hard work, but it is not mysterious work. I lay out the actions you can take in each of my books. In broad terms, you need to combine knowledge with personality and publicity.
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    •Entrepreneur magazine (you can also read many of their articles for free at www.entrepreneurmag.co.za).
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    Harvard Business Review, and

    •Entrepreneur magazine

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