Barb Goffman,John Floyd,O'Neil De Noux,Andrew MacRae,Herschel Cozine,Suzanne Berube Rorhus,Sandra Murphy,Bobbi A. Chukran,JoAnne Lucas,Judy Penz Shel,Julie Tollefson,Laurie Stevens,Pamela A. De Voe,Su Kopil,Tim Wohlforth,Walter Soethoudt

Flash and Bang

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Nineteen authors spin yarns of murder, mayhem, clues, and confessions in this anthology of stories culled from the Short Mystery Fiction Society.
Sometimes, crime has the sound of poison dripping  or the whistle of a knife through the air. And, sometimes, it happens with a “flash and bang.” Collected here are some of the finest short mystery and crime stories to emerge from the Short Mystery Fiction Society, which boasts more than sixteen hundred members around the world.
The diverse range of voices represented here takes readers from small-town diners and neighborhood pawn shops to Viking ships, ancient Chinese courts, and beyond. Full of dangerous secrets and violent crimes, seasoned gumshoes and amateur sleuths, Flash and Bang serves as a showcase of the incredible talent in the SMFS ranks.
Flash and Bang includes contributions from Herschel Cozine, Bobbi A. Chukran, Su Kopil, P.A. De Voe, Laurie Stevens, Tim Wohlforth, Suzanne Berube Rorhus, Sandra Murphy, Julie Tollefson, O’Neil De Noux, John M. Floyd, JoAnne Lucas, Andrew MacRae, Judy Penz Sheluk, Albert Tucher, Earl Staggs, Barb Goffman, BV Lawson, and Walter Soethoudt.
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