Brendan DuBois,Reed Farrel Coleman,Chris Knopf,Brian Silverman,David Berger,Charles Salzberg,Duncan Birmingham,Emily Verona,Robert Kostanczuk

Mystery Tribune / Issue Nº14

Issue Nº14 features:

A curated collection of short fiction including stories by Lori Roy, Brendan DuBois, Reed Farrel Coleman, Brian Silverman, Charles Salzberg, Chris Knopf, Duncan Birmingham, David Berger, Robert Kostanczuk, and Emily Ruth Verona.

Interviews, Essay and Reviews by Tobias Carroll, Scott Adlerberg, Dana Robbins, William Ryan, and MJ McGrath.

Art and Photography by Vyacheslav Ivanov and more.

This issue also features a preview of the new graphic novel Rivers of London Volume 8: The Fey and the Furious by Ben Aaronovitch, Andrew Cartmel, and Lee Sullivan.

NY Times Bestselling author Reed Farrel Coleman has called Mystery Tribune “a cut above” and mystery grand masters Lawrence Block and Max Allan Collins have praised it for its “solid fiction” and “the most elegant design”.

An elegantly crafted quarterly issue, printed on uncoated paper and with a beautiful layout designed for optimal reading experience, our Issue Nº14 will make a perfect companion or gift for avid mystery readers and fans of literary crime fiction.
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