Rumi's Little Book of Life, Rumi

Rumi's Little Book of Life

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From Madonna to Deepak Chopra, celebrities have been recording and embracing Rumi's poetry for decades, creating a resurgence of interest in this 14th century Sufi mystic. RUMI'S LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE is a beautiful collection of 196 poems by Rumi, previously unavailable in English. Translated by native Persian speakers, Maryam Mafi and Azima Melita Kolin, this collection will appeal to Rumi lovers everywhere. This collection of mystical poetry focuses on one of life's core issues: coming to terms with the inner life. During the course of life, each of us is engaged on an inner journey. RUMI'S LITTLE BOOK OF LIFE is a guidebook for that journey. The poetry is a companion for those who consciously enter the inner world to explore the gardens within – out of the everyday 'world of dust'- through an ascending hierarchy that restores one's soul to the heart; the heart of the spirit; and in finding spirit, transcending all. The author's previous books on Rumi include: Rumi: Whispers of the Beloved (Thorsons/Element, 1999, 9780722539811), Rumi: Gardens of the Beloved (Element, 2003, 9780007170739), Rumi: Hidden Music (Thorsons/Element 2002, 9780007120321), Rumi: the Book of Love rendered by Coleman Barks (Harper One, 2005; 9780060750503)
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layanosanije citiraoпре 6 месеци
Why do you seek water

when you are the stream?
Daria Zaytseva
Daria Zaytsevaje citiralaпре 2 године
What sorrow takes away from the heart
it replaces with something better.
Dana Sundetbayeva
Dana Sundetbayevaje citiralaпре 3 године
Mowlana Jalal ad-Din Balkhi-Rumi first honed his understanding of the concept of the divine by immersing himself in the disciplines of theology, philosophy, and law. An industrious student of jurisprudence who devoted his early years to the study of the revelations and traditions of prophets, with apparently little time for poets and their wares, was transformed in his late thirties into one of the most commanding and influential practitioners of poetry, to the extent that his fame is no longer limited to his homeland

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