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The In An Instant series is a new brand of user-friendly, engaging, and practical reference guides on core business topics, which capitalises on the authors' extensive experience and knowledge, as well as interviews they have conducted with leading business experts. Written in an upbeat and engaging style, the series presents 60 tips and techniques with anecdotes, examples and exercises that the reader can immediately apply to make their work life more efficient, effective and satisfying. As most corporate giants and small businesses alike have realised, service – both online and off – is a critical concern for surviving and thriving in today's fast-paced, quick-changing and high-tech environment. One study shows that it costs six times more to gain a new customer than to retain a current one. CUSTOMER SERVICE IN AN INSTANT will help the reader learn how to create and project a winning service attitude in the often stress-filled environment of work, discover powerful actions they can take to increase customer loyalty and retention and apply time-tested techniques for dealing with difficult customers and co-workers. Filled with colleagues practical advice, CUSTOMER SERVICE IN AN INSTANT is a must read for anyone whose job involves frequent contact with external or internal customers by telephone, e-mail or in person. Readers will learn the essential skills they need to create the kind of service partnerships that lead to both satisfied customers and staff.
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    Customer service
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