Forbidden Asia, Hans-Jürgen Döpp
Hans-Jürgen Döpp

Forbidden Asia

Since The Turkish Baths (1863) by the French painter Ingres, the Far Eastern woman has, to many, been a symbol of out of reach or forbidden pleasures. Seafaring explorers, military adventurers and simple travellers from Europe over the centuries have all been enthralled by the exotic nature of the Asian woman, her foreignness accentuated by the gentle pallor of her skin. Thus arose the myth that she, of all women, was in possession of the knowledge of certain refined pleasures.
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Alex Kremneva
Alex Kremnevaje citiralaпре 3 месеца
“She dusts the pillow, perfumes her red hairnet,
Swivels the lamp and slips off her clothes.
Her maids know the night will be long
But no call means they may go home.”

— Dai Hao, 6th century

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