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Wayne Walker

The Definitive Guide To Mastering Bitcoin & Cryptocurrencies

In The Definitive Guide to Mastering Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies, acclaimed Investment author Wayne Walker offers proven and very profitable methods that he has taught to elite business students at Copenhagen Business School and Nanjing University. Wayne can teach anyone how to trade Bitcoin and other cryptocurrency coins like Ethereum, regardless of prior Bitcoin investing experience or familiarity with cryptocurrency.

You will discover in simple step by step instructions, how to profitably trade and invest Bitcoin. The pages are filled with updated profit strategies from the author's own tested crypto trading techniques.

You will also access tips from the cryptocurrency industry recognized GCMS Bitcoin & Cryptocurrency course.
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    Investors - Determine whether Bitcoin has any market value
    Bitcoin Core Developers - They write the rulebook
    Miners - Write the history and validate transactions
    Merchants and their customers - They generate the primary demand and long-term price for Bitcoins
    In addition to the above players, there is the Bitcoin Foundation (founded 2012). The foundation pays Core Developers and speak to governments as the representative of Bitcoin
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    Review Your Results
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    Know Your Exit Levels
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