Earl Merkel

Final Epidemic

A Japanese doomsday cult releases a deadly virus and former CIA op Beck Casey races to find a vaccine—in this high-octane thrill ride . . .
The first case appears in Miami, initially diagnosed as a common cold—perhaps a mild flu. Then patients start dying. Dr. Carol Mayer begins to suspect a strain she hasn’t seen before, one that has the potential to rapidly escalate to epidemic proportions. As more cases arise, the state of Florida is quarantined, followed by New York, where there is another lethal outbreak. International travel is halted.
At the Center for Disease Control in Atlanta, Dr. Beck Casey, a former CIA agent and expert on the horror that is biological warfare, is drafted for a secret mission. A Japanese doomsday cult has committed mass suicide after unleashing a devastating virus. Casey will need to work with his old enemies—the Russians—to find a cure before it’s too late for everyone, including his own daughter, who’s now trapped in the quarantined city of Miami . . .
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