Paul Dihinx

A Trados Studio 2021 hands-on guide for beginners & the IT-phobic

Trados is apparently easy to use, and you can begin working with it quite quickly, but things are not so simple, and the problems (everything related to tags and QA, for instance) will appear very soon.
And that, for sure, can mean problems with your clients.
Besides, you can find yourself doing things (we all went through that) hours and hours in absurdly complicated ways, only to discover years later that there are tools to do exactly the same in a few minutes.
The software includes an immense amount of menus and options, and it can be quite difficult to find your way and see what you really need to carry out your work.
That is precisely what this guide tries to explain. It includes essentially all the information you will need to finish your projects correctly.
After years of experience working intensively with Trados Studio, I believe you will rarely find a client pretending you should be familiar with some procedure or element of Trados Studio not explained in this document.
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