Your Personality Tree, Florence Littauer
Florence Littauer

Your Personality Tree

Many people are playing roles they never auditioned for, on stages they didn't design, while wearing masks they don't know how to remove. They are trying so hard to be all things to all people that they do not know who they really are. What about you?
Have you tried so hard to be all things to all people that you are not sure who you really are?As an adult are you still struggling to become what your parents had in mind for you?Do you want to understand yourself and others better?Do you want to learn more about your family heritage?What Florence Littauer has to say in Your Personality Tree offers readers the opportunity to discover their true identity through a process of discovering how family relationships and circumstances can mask their natural temperament.
Your Personality Tree is now available in value-priced paperback as part of the “Nelson Values” program — a one-time-only, one-order-only bargain price ($7.97) on some of our best-selling and most exciting titles!
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freesonпре 2 године
you will be a genuine and sincere person
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