Chest Dugger

Soccer Intelligence

Discover the one quality that all great soccer players have in common that sets them apart from the rest.

A commonly asked question amongst the soccer community is what makes a great player?
What made Pele, Maradona or Ronaldo exceptional instead of good?
What is the last magical piece of the cake to become a world-famous soccer player?

Well, there is no magic formula to become the next Messi, but there is one key quality that every top soccer player must possess that most players forget about.

Are you highly motivated, mentally tough and a team player?
Do you work hard on crucial skills like ball control and moving without the ball?
Do you have the physical strength and stamina to overtake your opponents during the game?

It seems like you have everything a great player requires.

Yet, it's not enough.

Once you have the ball between your feet, you will forget all those skills if you don´t know how to react immediately.

If your
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    Chest Dugger is a pen name for our soccer coaching team, Abiprod.
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