Set Me Free, Daniela Sacerdoti
Daniela Sacerdoti

Set Me Free

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From the No. 1 bestselling author of Watch Over Me and Take Me Home, the million copy selling author Daniela Sacerdoti returns to the magical and atmospheric Glen Avich in the Scottish Highlands.
Margherita's marriage is slowly falling apart. Getting pregnant after trying for so long may have been a wonderful surprise for her, but for her husband it was the last straw. When she needs him most, she realises he's just not there for her.
Needing time away to figure out where their marriage is going, Margherita decides to leave London and spend the summer in Glen Avich, to help out in her mum's new coffee shop. She needs to reconnect with her adopted daughter Lara and her young son and sort out her life. But Glen Avich can have a strange effect on people, and when she and Lara start working for Torcuil Ramsay at a rundown local estate, everything begins to change. Margherita finds her heart awakened in a way she never thought possible and Lara begins a new friendship with a mysterious local boy, Mal, which makes her mother feel increasingly uneasy.
And just when Margherita is finally beginning to discover what she really wants, she finds out how quickly things can change and how hard it can be to make brave choices.
Perfect for fans of Amanda Prowse, Cecelia Ahern and Nicholas Sparks, Set Me Free is a hauntingly beautiful story of love, loss and new beginnings.

What readers have to say about Set Me Free:
''An absolute joy to read, the story is engaging, the characters are believable and the writing is lovely… is definitely a book to add to the summer reading list, and one that you won’t be able to put down.''
The Press and Journal
''I defy you not to fall in love with the place, the characters and the writing.''
Lisa Reads Books
''A completely delightful book, which I devoured in a couple of sittings… Dani's writing is just wonderful, intense and beautiful and I could read her writing all day long.''
Kim the Bookworm
''The romance and emotion oozes from the page. This is definitely a book to read, this is a book that blew me away.''
Compelling Reads
''Dani's adult books have the power to cast a spell over the reader; they are absolutely enchanting in a raw and powerful way.''
Book Love Bug
''It’s soul meeting soul, deep and sensual… Dani’s writing is so beautiful I get carried along and before I know it, I’ve reached the end of the story.''
Jera’s Jamboree

Praise for Daniela Sacerdoti:''Heartwarming and mysterious with great atmosphere.''
– Kate Forde on Keep Me Safe
''Heartwarming and intriguing.''
– Dani Atkins on Keep Me Safe
''The author, in her first novel, Watch Over Me, achieves what more experienced novelists always hope to. In Glen Avich she creates a world you wish you didn’t have to leave.''
The Scots Magazine on Watch Over Me
''The contemporary romance is beautifully balanced with elements of mystery and endearing characters that both break and capture the heart. A stunning talent, Sacerdoti writes beautiful fiction that feeds the soul.''
– Shari Low, Daily Record on Take Me Home
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👍Vredna čitanja

A beautiful story. I could not put it down


Nice I am so glad to read this noble

Because love doesn’t come with conditions.
All that followed was silence, as often happened with Ash. Silence. Like he never had enough time, enough energy to spare words for me.
I rested a hand on my still-flat stomach, in an unconscious gesture of protection, and didn’t say anything, not then.
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