Sonya Deanna Terry

Epiphany – The Crystalling

'A fast-paced and original plot filled with
mystery and suspense. Fun and engaging.'
Book Readers' Appreciation Group

Award-winning urban fairytale for grown-ups


In the second installment of Sonya Deanna Terry's award-winning Epiphany trilogy, secrets unravel, another romance blooms and Rosetta's book club delves further into Our True Ancient History, a fairy story rumoured to be real.

The book club members presume Lillibridge's story to be a fancy reimagining of Sleeping Beauty. They're soon to learn, however, that Our True Ancient History is a great deal more than kisses from handsome princes, crystal-crowned wands and damsels outsmarting the wicked.

Rosetta and her daughter Izzie are now familiar with the alternate history's characters. But how is it possible that the characters are familiar with them?

Outside of Lillibridge's tale, Matthew races to an emergency, and Rosetta returns from New Zealand with a newly discovered crystal in her purse. When their worlds collide, Matthew gets the chance to read Our True Ancient History. In so doing he unearths a surprising new future…based on a forgotten and enchanted past.

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