Whispered Heat, Anna Eberhardt
Anna Eberhardt

Whispered Heat

259 štampanih stranica
A contemporary romance from the bestselling author of SWEET AMY JANE and SOMETHING WILD.

“Sensual..sexy…a treat to read.” —#1 NEW YORK TIMES bestselling author Sandra Brown

Slader Reems rides into town straddling a powerful motorcycle. The dark visor of his helmet hides a cold smile. After an enforced five year absence he is back to exact his revenge and to claim everything that was his rightful due.

Lissa Jamison knows she can't ever allow herself to surrender to Slade's touch and risk another betrayal. Their childhood friendship had flamed into a passionate desire. Wary and wanting, she must now protect her heart.

Hidden agendas and illicit longings are just beneath the deceptively calm surface of their small town. Revenge, passion, and secrets simmer and build to a climax in the summer of WHISPERED HEAT.
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