Martin Lundqvist

The Banker and the Empath

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After his daughter tries to kill him, the Banker sets out to steal an ancient artifact to bring his daughter back to life.
The Banker and the Empath is the concluding part of the Banker Trilogy.
In the year 2039, Pierre Beaumont is performing testing to determine which of his progeny to succeed him as the head of House Beaumont. The testing ends in a disaster, as Pierre's favourite daughter, Delphine, snaps and murders his other children. Delphine's actions force Pierre to kill her in self-defence. To bring Delphine back to life, Pierre sets out to steal the primordial Zeto Crystal from the mysterious Sabina Hines.
Meanwhile, Vladimir Kravchenko, the Russian assassin, is planning to usurp power from Pierre. Vladimir plans to use a new terrible technology, remote-controlled nerve-pain-amplifiers, to tyrannise humankind. To power his technology, he also needs to steal the primordial Zeto Crystal from Sabina Hines.
In Australia, Jared Pond receives a mission that puts him on the path of the love of his life, Eileen Lu. Jared and Eileen escape Eileen's crooked husband, and they travel to Mexico to stop Pierre's associate Jesus Ortega from starting a civil war.
In Indonesia, Elaine Orchard is preparing to start a war against Pierre and Vladimir to stop their villainy, and to save Martin Orchard who is enslaved by Vladimir's nerve-pain-amplifiers.
Who will survive the war to come, and will someone put an end to Pierre's and Vladimir's crimes against humanity?

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