Always and Forever, Lara Jean, Jenny Han
Jenny Han

Always and Forever, Lara Jean

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This is the first time I told a novel, "don't you dare 'the end' me!" 😂

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🙈Ne drži pažnju
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Lara Jean is so lovely. She truly deserves peter!!!!!!

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🐼Lagano štivo

Not as good as the previous book but it was a nice read. Nothing too great but I like the small details the author has mixed in which probably usually go unnoticed.

It’s the kind of memory I like best—more of a feeling than an actual remembrance. The hum of a memory, blurry around the edges, soft and nothing particularly special, all kind of blending into one moment.
the smile that breaks across his face makes me love him even more.
Nothing good happens after two a.m
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