Sandra L.Ceren

Essentials of Pre-Marital Counseling

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Expand Your Clinical Practice with this Practical Hands-on Guide Teach conflict resolution skills to your couples Introspective quizzes expose more of couples' inner lives and past history to each other Real-life exercises let couples practice cooperative decision— making and compromise before a crisis happens. Couples will discover and have the opportunity to change bad habits which threaten the viability of the relationship.
Therapists Acclaim for Essentials of Pre-Marital Counseling
“An invaluable ten-week program of specific steps to evaluate a relationship, detect warning signs and avoid disastrous pitfalls before committing to marriage.”
--Holly A. Hunt, PhD, author of Essentials of Private Practice
“What I find most rewarding about this book is what Dr. Ceren refers to as 'The art of gracious compromise'-or what may be called-how to get along in your relationship. Therapists take heed, this book is for you and your clients! You will benefit greatly.”
--Michael J. Salamon, Ph.D., FICPP, Senior Psychologist/Director, Adult Developmental Center, Author of The Shidduch Crisis
“A remarkable roadmap to a healthy relationship and insight into self, written by a therapist who combines experience and skill in improving the lives of others.”
--Rosalee G. Weiss, PhD Diplomate, American Board of Psychological Specialties Learn more about the author at www.DrSandraLevyCeren.com
Book #7 in the New Horizons in Therapy Series
from Loving Healing Press www.LHPress.com
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