Norman Ferguson

The Second World War

Have you ever wondered…

• Who was the youngest WW2 serviceman to fight in battle?

• How low did the Dambusters fly?

• How many ships were sunk at Pearl Harbor?

From the Battle of Britain to the Siege of Leningrad, the horrors of the Holocaust to the D-Day landings, on the Home Front and abroad, the Second World War changed the political, social and economic structure of the world. Through its battles, aircraft, weapons, soldiers, campaigns and heroes, this comprehensive miscellany is a compelling guide to one of the most destructive and all-encompassing wars the world has ever seen.
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    Monsieur Ténèbresje citiraoпре 6 година
    The Soviet Union, which started receiving aid after June 1941, received around $11 billion worth in the form of:
    7,000 tanks
    11,400 aircraft
    400,000 jeeps
    1.75 million tons of food

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