Leo Tolstoy


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    I even found a certain pleasure in detesting the past, and in seeing it in a darker light than the true one.
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    Never, never again do I mean to walk with a girl, nor even to go near one if I can help it.
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    On the contrary, from this day forward I never mean to look at a woman again.
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    Suddenly it struck me that dreams of this sort were a form of pride—a sin which I should have to confess to the priest that very evening, so I returned to the original thread of my meditations.

    hehe made me chuckle at his sudden realization

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    Have you ever, on a summer's day, gone to bed in dull, rainy weather, and, waking just at sunset, opened your eyes and seen through the square space of the window—the space where the linen blind is blowing up and down, and beating its rod upon the window-sill—the rain-soaked, shadowy, purple vista of an avenue of lime-trees, with a damp garden path lit up by the clear, slanting beams of the sun, and then suddenly heard the joyous sounds of bird life in the garden, and seen insects flying to and fro at the open window, and glittering in the sunlight, and smelt the fragrance of the rain-washed air, and thought to yourself, "Am I not ashamed to be lying in bed on such an evening as this?"
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