Peter Mulraney

I Am Affirmations

Words are powerful.

Every time you say or think ‘I am…..’  you define or reinforce a belief about yourself.

Most of the time, you do this unconsciously, and mindlessly repeat a lot of negative or limiting beliefs about yourself. Often, they’re the beliefs other people expressed about you as you were growing up.

If you take the time to examine the things you say about yourself, you’ll discover most of them are not true. They’re opinions, and dated opinions at that.

In this collection of 81 I am affirmations, Peter Mulraney, author of My Life is My Responsibility: Insights for Conscious Living, introduces you to a practice for using the power of words to reprogram or reinforce your beliefs about yourself.

Stop repeating things mindlessly. With a copy of I am Affirmations: The Power of Words, you can start using the power of words with purpose and, with a little practice, create your own affirmations about who you want to be.
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    I am affirmations are statements of belief.
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