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Lynne Graham

The Spanish Billionaire's Pregnant Wife

A waitress’s hot night with a billionaire comes with consequences in this classic contemporary romance by a USA Today–bestselling author.
Leandro Carrera Marquez, Duque de Sandoval, was as aristocratic, proud, and arrogant as his name . . . and darkly handsome in an impossible, breathtaking way. What would this billionaire Spanish banker want with a struggling, impoverished waitress like Molly?
But Leandro did want Molly—and he took her, accidentally making her pregnant with his child. In Leandro’s traditional world, there was only one option—marry the mother of his heir. After all, none of his noble ancestors had actually married for love. . . .
Originally published in 2009.
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    ‘I didn’t have you picked as the jealous type, but thanks for the warning!’
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    You’re a duke…and you’re asking me to marry you?’

    ‘I’m not giving you a choice on this. You cannot bring up any child of mine alone,’ Leandro breathed tautly. ‘I want my child to grow up in my home with his family and to speak my language. We can only achieve that end by becoming man and wife.’

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