Richard Clarke

Memoirs of a God

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A lone band of newly minted Demi-Gods, known in ancient times as Solars, rise from the ranks of mortals to defend the borders of their world, a land surrounded on all sides by ancient horrors, demons, undead, and fantastic creatures from beyond reality. Reborn into a world weary from centuries of decay, atrocities, and war, Viridian Brill is powerless to oppose the forces arrayed against the world alone. He joins together with an itinerant swordsman, a mysterious spy, and an indomitable priest and his squirrel companion to overcome seemingly endless hurdles to save their world. Their journey takes them across Terrene, a world forged by the Primevals from the primordial energies of the universe. There they meet greedy Gods, mad Fae, dark sorcerers, demons, the walking dead, and many more, each with their own designs for the Solars or all of Terrene itself. With so many enemies, can this stalwart band of heroes overcome all odds to save their beloved Terrene?
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