Donal Daly

Thriving in the Whirlwind

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There is a lot of change going on in the world. You can get depressed and throw your hands up in despair wondering how you will cope, or you can embrace the opportunity that change brings. Change is good. It’s also often hard. But to succeed in business and life, you must run toward it. To drive revenue now, there are four strategies to use that have more immediate impact that any others. This short book (75 pages) combines data from two separate research studies:Inside The Buyer’s Mind: The Buyer/Seller Value Index, and The Altify Business Performance Benchmark Study. The correlation of the 80,000 data elements from Inside The Buyer’s Mind with the 60,000 data elements from the Benchmark Study provides data-driven actionable insights that are the foundation for the four strategies to drive revenue.
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