Ana Ivanovic: A Biography, Abdul Montaqim
Abdul Montaqim

Ana Ivanovic: A Biography

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It’s official. Ana Ivanovic is the sexiest tennis player in the world. Ever. She’s also “the most beautiful.” And “the hottest female athlete on the planet.” And she has “the most beautiful body”. She’s the “best looking woman in the history of tennis.”

It’s all official. She has awards to prove it. Glass cabinets full of them. She was voted for one particular award so many years in a row that the organisers decided to name the award itself after her.

So, after giving her the “Sexiest Female Player” award for five years in a row, from 2005 to 2009, decided to rename it the “Ana Ivanovic Sexiest Female Player” award, and take Ana’s name off the ballot list.


Abdul Montaqim is a journalist, based in London, and has been working in the media since 1989. Among the more well known titles he has written for are The Guardian newspaper, Time Out magazine and the International Business Times website.

He has edited a number of local and community newspapers, magazines and websites, and has, over the course of his career, worked for some of the largest publishers in Europe, including Emap, LLP and Mirror Group Newspapers.

In his spare time, Abdul likes to spend time with his family, cooking, eating, watching films, listening to music, reading and writing. When he goes out he likes to watch movies at the best cinemas, see live music performances, and eat at good restaurants. He also loves gardening, fishing and going for long walks.


So Holzman offered financial support to Ana and her family in the form of interest-free loans. This would enable Ana to enter tournaments—such as Wimbledon 2004—that she would otherwise not have been able to.

Holzman provided Ana with a laptop, mobile phone and pocket money. “I wanted her to feel like a professional from that moment on,” he said.

To Ana and her family, Holzman’s support must have seemed like a lifeline from a totally different, peaceful and prosperous parallel universe. It has, presumably, played a part in Ana’s decision to now live in Switzerland.

Holzman continued: “I flew to be with her at her next junior tournament in Rome. She lost in the first round, and started to cry as she left the court. She locked herself in the locker room for four hours…"

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