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Victoria Fox

Temptation Island

WELCOME TO PARADISE: Only the rich are invited…only the strongest survive.

In the middle of the Indian Ocean, an exclusive island provides the ultimate getaway for the rich and famous. Beneath the glittering waters though lie dark secrets… to which one man holds the key.

For three women, their invitation to the shores Cacatra will change everything:

The Virgin: Lori Garcia, world-famous supermodel, has come from Cinderella-rags to undreamt-of riches. The only one thing missing from her life is passion – until she encounters the protective, enigmatic Jean-Baptiste Moreau – who whisks her away to Cacatra.

The Wild Child: Aurora Nash is LA's wildest teen tearaway, daughter of two of America's best-loved Country and Western stars. When her latest rehab retreat takes her to the Indian Ocean, she has no idea she’ll discover more about her parents than herself.

The Hollywood Star: English beauty Stevie Speller and hot young director Xander Jakobson are Hollywood's golden couple. As heartbreaking news unsettles their newly-wed bliss, they seek desperate measures. With Jean-Baptiste Moreau’s promise of a private island comes hope – and a highly confidential solution…

The three discover a secret so shocking, there’s no turning back. It’s wicked, it’s sensational. Are you ready to be told?
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    HarperCollins Publishers
    • 17.9K
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    Celine Rask Jensen
    English YA/NA/romance
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