Always and Forever, Beverly Jenkins
Beverly Jenkins

Always and Forever

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A desperate need
Sassy Grace Atwood never expected to find her proper self accidentally tumbling into a stranger's bed. If she weren't desperate for a man to lead a wagon train of brides to a woman-starved town out West, she never would have gone near Jackson Blake-former lawman or not. She should send the ruggedly charming Texan packing…only he's perfect for the job. Now if her mind would just stop going blank every time she looked at him, they might get this train to Kansas yet.
A comsuming passion
What's a man to do when a beautiful woman leans over his bed in the middle of the night? Come to think of it, that was the only time Blake's ever seen the straitlaced Miss Atwood the least bit ruffled. He's certain that beneath her buttoned-up appearance lies a passionate woman aching to break free. But though Blake longs to take her in his arms, all he can offer Grace is a life on the run. And when the demons from his past catch up with them, Blake is couaght between the ties that bind and a love that could last…always and forever.
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Her parents had loved each other immensely. In an age when arranged marriages were still common, they’d had a love match and didn’t care who knew. On more than a few occasions the adolescent Grace had come into a room to find her smiling mother standing in the circle of her father’s arms. She’d even seen them sneaking kisses in the kitchen. Watching them bask in their love made Grace grow up wanting to have a marriage just as special, but now she knew it would never be.
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