I, Robot: To Preserve, Mickey Zucker Reichert
Mickey Zucker Reichert

I, Robot: To Preserve

398 štampanih stranica
The third in an all-new trilogy inspired by Isaac Asimov's legendary science fiction collection, I, ROBOT. These books have been officially authorised by the Asimov estate. Dr Ari Goldman is dead, bludgeoned with a steel bar in his laboratory – and positronic robot N-8C («Nate») was the only other “person” in the room at the time. Now Nate's creator Lawrence Robertson, who programmed him, is under arrest for murder – even though Susan Calvin knows perfectly well that the Three Laws of Robotics mean that no robot could possibly kill a human being, and that both Nate and Lawrence are being set up. It's up to her, with help from homicide detective Jake Carson, her good friend Kendall Stevens, and a handsome stranger who entered her life by saving her from an attack in Central Park, to see that justice is done. “An excellent homage to a milestone work in science fiction history.” – Night Owl Sci-Fi “A thrilling climax provides plenty of action and excitement, forcing all to examine their values and to take action in an untenable situation.” – SF Revu “Reichert is a gifted storyteller…every bit of [I, ROBOT: TO PROTECT] was engaging and captivating.” – SciFiChick.com
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