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Sze Wing Vetault

21 Days of Inspiration

This book brings you 21 passages of inspired writing based on learned spiritual lessons. You can read it one a day to form a daily spiritual practice, or you can read it in any order. They are what I’ve come to learn and practice in my life for inner peace and outer success.

Living an inspired and spiritual life means you often experience clarity, gratitude and appreciation in your life. Being spiritually minded doesn’t make us less smart or less productive, we still have goals, agenda or to-do-lists. In fact, we tend to accomplish more as we become more aware of why we are doing what we do, our actions become more congruent and effective.

Being inspired also give you the clarity of knowing who you are, who you want to become and what direction you want to go in your life. Your actions tend to be aligned with your core values and they are most likely to be kind and loving as that is essentially our true nature. Your desires begin to come from your true self, and they bring you closer to greater love, joy and freedom. Your mind and emotions are fused with spiritual qualities such as compassion, harmony and peace.
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