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What You Need to Know to You Travel to Argentina

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Your visit to Argentina will at times seem familiar, yet there is always something new for you to experience around the next bend. It is one country where you can enjoy a rich urban vacation one day and the next, you can completely escape from civilization.Of course, Buenos Aires is Argentina’s iconic city. More than likely, you will land in this grand city on your way to another location of Argentina. Even if you are not a city person per say, you must stop for a night or two and experience it. Go out for the traditional parrilla of grilled meats and other treats for dinner paired with the iconic wine varietal, Malbec. If you are there the right time of year, you have to catch a world-class futbol (soccer) match. See a tango show in many of the city’s most popular barrios (neighborhoods), visit their numerous museums and have a picnic in the Bosques de Palermo, the major city park.
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    Getting Around Mendoza
    Many of the places people want to see in Mendoza are pretty rural. If you plan on having some outdoor fun like camping or hiking, if it is in the budget, it is recommended to rent a car. Unless you hitchhike--which is not completely recommended but hundreds do each year--it will be hard to get to the remote destinations where the real adventure is.
    If you are staying in the city of Mendoza, there are public buses and plenty of taxis or remis cars to call. However, if you have a few nights in downtown, the city is small enough and worth it to easily walk around, during the day and night. There is a beautiful city park for an afternoon stroll after a good lunch too.
    If you are in Mendoza to check out the wine country, you can hire a remis to take you where you need to go, however there are tour companies to take you to some wineries as well, so you can enjoy the wine without having to drive afterwards.
    miersjensenje citiralaпре 3 године
    Where to Stay
    Like many other places in Argentina, Mendoza has a fairly wide range of accommodations to choose from. Do book in advance during peak season, especially if you are travelling during the time of wine harvest in March. There may not be any availability for anything if you wait too long! Downtown Mendoza has a couple corporate chains, but if you are looking for good value for your money and a cozy stay, look into the boutique hotels. If you are going to Mendoza for the wine, many wineries have rooms you can book that include breakfast. Some have a spa, and their own restaurant and for a couple days you might not want to leave as they have everything available that you could need or want, and wine!
    If you are on a budget, the budget hotels are not recommended! You get more value and comfort with your money looking into an upper scale hostel and you can still get your own private room with a bath and maybe a patio if you are lucky! Keeping within budgets there are plenty of hostels for the backpacker and campgrounds if you are a heading to the mountains.
    miersjensenje citiralaпре 3 године
    Where to Eat
    Many might automatically think that because it might be a world-class wine destination, that it is expensive. So far, this is not the case. It is a fraction cheaper than Buenos Aires, save some of the upscale hotels and boutique hotels, but food, even at a nice restaurant is much more affordable than what you would find in Buenos Aires. If you are out wine-tasting, stay for lunch at one of the many wineries’ restaurants on site.
    There are plenty of restaurants in downtown and all within walking distance. If you are looking for a party however, do not expect much more than low key bars. A large majority come here to unwind and finding a nightclub will be seedy or non-existent in most neighborhoods.
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