Benjamin James

A Self Help Guide for Postpartum Depression: Healing, Recovery & Treatment

Becoming mother brings joy to a family but sometimes due to underlying issues this joy is turned to sadness.

Giving birth can trigger anxiety, depression and other underlying psychological ailmentss.

It is quite normal for new mothers to get through this phase for about 2–3 weeks after birth.

If an individual is already aware of the problem he/she can handle it better & there are better chances of coping with ppd.

This guide has highlighted all the possible treatments to understand ppd better.

If you know someone who is dealing with postpartum depression then this guide is for you.

Whats included:

— Who gets postpartum depression?
— Signs & Symptoms of ppd
— Risk factors
— Statistics & facts
— Psychotherapy
— Hormone therapy
— Medication
— Which treatment method is best?
— Tips to deal ppd — Can you take supplements to handle ppd?
— Natural treatments available
— Postpartum depression in men
— How to prevent post partum depression in men & women

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