James Grippando

The Abduction

“Nonstop plot surprises . . . One of the year’s better thrillers” from the New York Times-bestselling author of Code 6 (San Francisco Examiner).
U.S. Attorney General Allison Leahy is the nation’s top law enforcement officer and the Democrats’ best chance for holding on to the Oval Office. But she has powerful competition in Republican Lincoln Howe, a retired four-star general and bona fide Africa-American hero. They are running neck and neck, and seemingly nothing can break the deadlock.
Then, just days before the election, disaster strikes. Twelve-year-old Kristen Howe, the general’s granddaughter, is kidnapped. As attorney general, Allison launches a nationwide manhunt, but her motives come under fire from her opponent. For Allison, though, finding Kristen isn’t about politics. Here is a personal crusade that taps into terrifying secrets buried deep within the past—secrets that can shatter all Allison’s hopes, twisting them into a nightmare of lies and the ultimate betrayal.
“Entertaining . . . Grippando has produced another exciting and cleverly plotted novel.” —The Denver Post
“His best so far . . . Grippando keeps you guessing.” —Miami Herald
“Final, genuinely surprising moments. This is a gripping (and frightening) story about the Machiavellian world of American politics.” —Booklist
“Breathless.” —Philadelphia Inquirer
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