Thirteen Degrees: 13 Scary Stories and Tales of Horror, Brenden Dean
Brenden Dean

Thirteen Degrees: 13 Scary Stories and Tales of Horror

Welcome the dreadful cold of terror with 13 original stories by Brenden Dean. Bring a blanket, huddle around the fire, and try to keep warm as you encounter psychotic abductors, deadly spirits and demons of the woods.

When They Come Alone –

One man's Halloween ritual is far more vicious than it seems. His playful prank is a mask for something more.

A Monster in his Closet –

A boy is troubled by something in his closet. But, as we will soon see, there is no monster in his closet.

Eat Your Heart Out –

A quarreling lesbian couple's camping trip goes awry. They may not survive the night when something intrudes in the night.

And several more. . .
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