P. G. Wodehouse

Stiff Upper Lip, Jeeves

Bertie Wooster, equipped with alpine hat, is in trouble again. He must again travel to the dreaded Totleigh Towers to patch up the engagement between Gussie Fink-Nottle and Madeline Basset, lest he be forced to fill the vacancy. Great fun! Contains the same wonderful cast of characters we've come to know and laugh at as in “The Code of the Woosters,” the ever-dangerous Roderick Spode, the magistrate Sir Watkyn Basset, the oozing Madeline Basset, the capricious Stiffy, her would-be husband, “Stinker” Pinker, and her carniverous dog, Bartholomew. Jeeves' indomitable wisdom and wit will be tested to the utmost.
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    Wodehouse's usual brilliance.

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    Sock your flock, and you're sunk.
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    the smaller the ex-magistrate, the louder the dressing-gown. His was a bright purple number with yellow frogs,
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    just as dark, if not darker, in the hall. But I was making quite satisfactory progress and was about halfway through the latter, when an unforeseen hitch occurred. I bumped into a human body, the last thing I had expected to encounter en route, and for an instant . . . well, I won't say that everything went black, because everything was black already, but I was considerably perturbed. My heart did one of those spectacular leaps Nijinsky used to do in the Russian Ballet, and I was conscious of a fervent wish that I could have been elsewhere.
    Elsewhere, however, being just where I wasn't, I had no option but to grapple with this midnight marauder, and when I did so I was glad to find that he was apparently one who had stunted his growth by smoking

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