The Scientology Murders, William Heffernan
William Heffernan

The Scientology Murders

320 štampanih stranica
“The Dead Detective pursues miscreants attached to the Church of Scientology from their Florida headquarters to the Yukon State…Highly entertaining.”--Kirkus Reviews“The good guys—Doyle; his detective partner, Vicky Stanopolis; and Clearwater police sergeant Max Abrams—remain entertaining and appealing throughout.”--Publishers Weekly“While investigating a murder that has also left his much-loved adoptive father seriously wounded, Harry Doyle (aka the Dead Detective) finds himself contending with executives from the Church of Scientology.”--Publishers Weekly, Spring 2017 announcements, Mysteries & Thrillers«The Dead Detective is Heffernan's first novel in seven years, and wherever he's been, he hasn't forgotten how to write a good, gritty police procedural…This edgy police drama succeeds in capturing the hysteria that grips Tampa residents when a celebrity criminal is found dead in a cypress swamp.”--New York Times Book Review on The Dead DetectiveWhile investigating a murder that has also left his much-loved adoptive father seriously wounded, Harry Doyle, known to his peers as the Dead Detective, finds himself faced with what many consider the most powerful and secretive cult in the country—Scientology. Clearwater, Florida, is the spiritual center of Scientology, which is run by a fanatical group of true believers who insist that members remain pure and true to their faith. One senior leader has a young man in his employ, a twisted soul who will stop at nothing to make sure the rules are followed. But Harry Doyle, his partner Vicky Stanopolis, and Clearwater Sergeant Max Abrams are in hot pursuit, forcing the killer to run for cover.The Scientologists have places to hide in every part of the globe, and Harry finds himself pursuing the killer to the far reaches of Alaska. In a shocking denouement where everyone's life hangs in the balance, Harry and Vicky come face-to-face with death in a form they never expected.
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