My Thoughts On Victorious Confessions, Bridget Hilliard
Bridget Hilliard

My Thoughts On Victorious Confessions

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Your words matter. Your life is the sum total of the words you’ve been speaking. You can change your life by changing your words.

After 30+ years of confessing God’s Word, Pastor Bridget Hilliard shows how Biblical faith confessions changed her life and caused her to become the “Woman Who Always Wins.”

Through personal stories and real testimonies of transformed lives, you will see how the discipline to speak God’s Word, regardless of your circumstances, will cause you to be victorious in all situations. Whether they are family problems, emotional issues, or financial challenges, Pastor Bridget gives you tested and proven faith confessions to keep you in faith as you face life’s most difficult moments.

If you change your words, you will change your life. Use this book as a tool to transform your Spiritual vocabulary and watch God bring you to a place of victory! You can win with your words! Learn how by reading the 30th Anniversary Edition of My Thoughts on Victorious Confessions.
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Father, in Jesus’ Name, I thank You that I have victory over sin. Sin will not reign in my body and I habitually put my flesh to death. I thank You, Father, that I know how to possess my vessel in sanctification and honor. I thank You that Jesus Christ is Lord over my spirit, soul and body. I flee sin and all acts of immorality, adultery, fornication, lying and all deceitful lust. Jesus, You are Lord over my spirit, soul and body. I give no place, toehold, room or opportunity to the devil to encroach upon my thought life. I cast down imaginations and every
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