Algedonic, r.h. Sin
r.h. Sin


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Algedonic is an aesthetic outlook on pain and pleasure. Complex emotions simplified into poetic interludes as only r.h. Sin can express. With his trademark of giving simplicity to some of the hardest of emotions, Sin reminds us all that there are often two sides to an emotional story and sometimes the pain transforms into something beautiful, something less problematic and maybe something that reignites a feeling of pleasure.
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i blame your mother
for not building
your self-esteem
and encouraging you
to be a queen
i blame your father
for not loving you enough
to keep you from
searching for a love
in men who couldn’t
love you
her father was the first man
to half love her
her father was the first man
to let her down
her father taught her
to love men
who would always
make her feel
as if she wasn’t good enough
her father’s version of love
was the love she accepted
from men who couldn’t
love her correctly
she wore her scars
without hiding
she wore her pain
so well
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