John J.Nance

Phoenix Rising

A female investment banker starts up a visionary airline, taking on Wall Street, the airline industry, and an international terrorist syndicate in this electrifying thriller from New York Times–bestselling author John J. Nance
The bed is so comfortable that Elizabeth Sterling sleeps through her alarm, high above the Pacific, reveling in the comforts of the most luxurious airliner ever built. It’s the flagship of the newly revived Pan Am, the most audacious experiment in aviation history. The airline’s backers believe they can redefine commercial air travel by providing luxury at forty thousand feet—and they need Sterling to get them off the ground.
A Wall Street titan with a love of flying, Sterling is up to the challenge. But when the venture comes under attack by its lenders, competitors, and a shadowy cabal of international terrorists, she needs more than a new business strategy. With help from chief pilot Brian Murphy and investigator Creighton MacRae, Sterling masterminds a risky plan to defeat the sinister forces that are sabotaging her new airline and threatening her life.
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