Sherrill A. Knezel

Heart Speak

In this visual interpretation of a classic work, Sherrill Knezel brings Parker J. Palmer's bestselling book Let Your Life Speak to life. With more than seventy heartfelt images to go along with excerpts from Palmer, Heart Speak pairs these images with brief personal reflections. Readers are invited to explore and embrace both their own limits and potential, as they listen to their inner voice, and courageously following its lead.

"I'm very excited about the way Sherrill has used her gifts of art and insight to interpret and express some of the key ideas in Let Your Life Speak," Palmer writes in the preface. "Clearly, images speak to a wider range of people than words alone, and are helpful even to 'word people' like me. Think of traffic signs that feature an upturned palm that clearly says 'Stop!,' or a snake-like line that says, 'Caution, sharp turns ahead!' Images incarnate words, making them not only more accessible but more actionable as well. Images instantly deliver a message: 'Here's something you need to know to negotiate the road you're on.'"

Whether the words of Let Your Life Speak are familiar signposts on the roads you have traveled or they are new to you, you will enjoy this opportunity for reflection and discernment in regard to your life, community, and calling.
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