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Roadtripping — The Epiphany of Mercer Redding

“I just stumbled upon something profound … today’s the best day of my life.” 

But life has since changed for Mercer Redding, the former self-proclaimed luckiest guy in the world, who’s now back home in New York City. The pain of Mercer’s past is framed within the context of the life and death of his lost love Carmen, who five years ago left a tear-soaked Mercer with a vision of unconditional love until her last breath was spoken with her eyes wide open.

Embarking on a cross-country road trip as a method to cope, it isn’t long until Mercer’s adventure culminates in the ultimate epiphany, capped by a miracle that brings a romantic end to the hardest chapter of his life. However, when he senses his old demons advancing soon after, Mercer realizes the miracle has offered his mind a gift out of the realm of science fiction … One that he must learn to master if he is to continue driving happily ever after.

By the time he learns to successfully apply mind over matter, Mercer finds himself to be amidst a new paradigm that seems uncannily familiar — give or take a little deja vu along the way.

From the Author:

Hi, there!

I'm the author of Roadtripping, which is a project that I've been working on for over a decade. Its origins began back in 2010 when I was in between jobs and decided to take on the task of driving from my home in New York all the way to Los Angeles, up to the Pacific Northwest, and back.

​Except that when I arrived back?


An epiphany when I least expected it.

​Travel is as effective as any other at manipulating the mind, and in that little window of time when the momentum of your trip overtakes reality, magic happens. And like a dream, it's easily forgotten. So the same night that I got back to New York from Seattle after being on the road for months, before I even stowed away my suitcase, I began writing.

Weaving realistic events with an incremental, believable fantasy allows us to imagine a more theoretical rather than fictional storyline creating a theme that has the potential to be applied to our everyday lives.

Travel can do more than the obvious; past the platitudes, it can serve a higher purpose as the magic of movement has an incredible power of discovery. Come along, and share this journey with me and my cast of characters. I wholeheartedly wish that reading this book fundamentally changes the way that you see the world as much as it has served to change mine.

Thank you, my fellow travelers.
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