Pandemonium, Lauren Oliver
Lauren Oliver


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The second book in Lauren Oliver’s New York Times bestselling trilogy about forbidden love, revolution, and the power to choose.
In this electrifying follow-up to Delirium, Lena is on a dangerous course that takes her through the unregulated Wilds and into the heart of a growing resistance movement.  This riveting, brilliant novel crackles with the fire of fierce defiance, romance, and the sparks of a revolution about to ignite.
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Natalie Hale
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When you’re completely free, you’re also completely on your own.
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All you need is love . . .”
Meranda Willis
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Droplets, droplets: We are all identical drips and drops of people, hovering, waiting to be tipped, waiting for someone to show us the way, to pour us down a path.
Fantasy,dystopia,sci-fi, Mariam G
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