Simon Pridmore

Scuba Professional

Scuba Professional introduces readers of Simon Pridmore's other books, Scuba Fundamental, Scuba Confidential and Scuba Exceptional to a whole new level of the sport. Whereas the other books focus on how to scuba dive, Scuba Professional looks at how diving is taught and how dive operations are conducted.
Scuba Professional is an excellent source of out-of-the-box ideas and independent, objective advice for instructors and dive operators. It is also an indispensable guide for those aspiring to become dive professionals with chapters such as Do You Have What It Takes? and Which Training Agency?
In short, this is everything you wanted to know about working in scuba diving but never dared to ask.
Scuba Professional is not only for professionals. Serious divers who take more than a passing interest in their hobby and want to know what goes on behind the scenes will be fascinated by the topics addressed and the insights offered.
From a dive safety point of view, Simon looks at the bigger picture and, in a series of chapters on avoiding and handling accidents, sets out a framework for developing the safety culture within our sport. He also examines the present state of key aspects of the dive industry and speculates as to the future.

There is quite simply nothing like this book: the ultimate backstage pass into the business of scuba.
Jill Heinerth, Technical Instructor Trainer & Filmmaker
Terrific, really good! Simon captures the key characteristics of the diving instruction milieu with insight and clarity.
Associate Professor Simon Mitchell,
 Diving Physician
The closest thing we have to an insiders guide to the dive industry.
Peter Symes Publisher X-Ray Magazine
I wish this book had been available 20 years ago!
Tamara Thomsen, Owner Diversions Scuba, Madison
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